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Vident iLink Scan Tool

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I recently replaced my Throttle Body in a 2011 GMC Sierra and had gone through the entire relearn process with no success. Drove for days with extremely high idle and acceleration issues. Finally took a gamble and ordered this device, hooked it up and it was fixed in 2 seconds. Well worth the money as this will be useful for many other servicing projects through the years for my vehicles. Highly recommend, well worth the money.


The Vident iLink400 GM scanner worked, but would freeze up and I would have to “ reboot” the system.
Had 2 and returned both. Both did the same thing. Also, the cam/crank relearn did not work.


UPDATE: Updated the scanner last night and now temperatures seem to be working properly, raising from 3 stars to 4.

Pros: The product is cheap and does do what it says it does. Will allow you to control all the sensors and lights on the vehicle if you have the add on for that manufacturer.
Cons: slightly glitchy, also the temperature and pressure measurements are no where near accurate. Not sure why. I updated the product via the computer. I think I will be keeping the product due to its functionality and price. But there is minor issues which are kind of annoying. But compared to the price of a name brand scanner I still think it’s an alright purchase.


for what I need to use it for it works well. tool is easy to update. I dumped the software for GM into the tool. was easy to do. the sard reader that comes with the tool is a piece of crap I have my own micro sd to USB adaptor that is much better then the one in the kit with the scanner. I have used it a few times. I wish it had a broader reach of abs/sir trans and ecm data it’s hit or miss whet it will read and not the same on every vehicle.


Product works well. I used it to perform an automated brake bleed on GM and exhaust system diagnostic. Creating an account and product registration are a chore.

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