Vident iEasy300 Code Reader User Feedback

Vident iEasy Code Reader

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Vident iEasy300 Code Reader Feedback by users:


Still trying to figure everything out but its definitely a great tool to own. Reads check engine codes and checks other system operations. Can be used to clear codes and lights from the dash. Great value. Saves slot of money by avoiding shops diagnostic charges and let’s you know exactly what’s wrong with the car or truck.


It’s very useful! Instead of having to to go to the mechanics I can just plug this in and see what’s wrong! I can go
Straight to the mechanics now and tell them what is wrong.


Works really good. Screen is bright and easy to see. picked up the codes fast and instructions are clear. Much better than the other brand I had.


Happy with my purchase, the shipping was fast and it definitely match the description. Helped me a lot with my car, I had a check engine light on because of a EVAP leak. Will highly recommend.


It makes figuring out what the check engine light is on for easier and it tells you exactly what the problem is. You can clear the codes with just a push of a button. It has live feed so you can plug it in and run the car to get all the information that you need to fix a problem.